Cloud for “Everyman”

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There is a lot of discussion here aboutcloud for business, but what about cloud for Everyman – the averageJoe – the man on the street? How will cloud computing change lifefor the average person? In short, cloud has already changed thingssignificantly, and will continue to have an impact on our lives foryears to come.
Acloud of sound
There are numerous applications nowavailable for people to create, record, upload, and share music withthe world. As a musician, I think this is awesome and amazing. I canshare my favorite songs with my friends on social networks, and I canlisten to their favorite songs – all for the price of “a song”(essentially, for free). I wonder how this has affected the musicbusiness, and how it will impact the future of the music industry? Iimagine that it has provided more opportunities to musicians, andmade music more accessible to a wider audience. It has been a boon tothe independent artists and small record labels, but have the bigrecord companies suffered as a result? I grew up in an era ofmega-rock stars and arena tours, but those days are gone. They willbe the stuff of legends that I will tell my grand kids.
Acloud of words
If you want to publish your own book ormagazine, there are many options available to you, thanks to cloud.Actually, cloud has made the term self-publishing essentiallymeaningless. All of the publishing tools that you could possibly needare now provided on the cloud – everything from editing andproduction, to distribution and finding an audience. It has takenself-publishing quite a number of steps further than merely making abook. The distinction is more a matter of “corporate” publishing(the big companies) versus independent presses and smaller co-ops.For the rest of us, this means that if we have Internet connection,we can find something to read about anything. ANYTHING. The historyof the Belgian lute? How to make beef jerky? Card games of the middleages? It’s all there.
Acloud of images
…and most of those images are ofcats. Seriously. Do you know anyone with a cat who hasn’t posted aphoto of it on the Internet? But it’s not just about the Internet.The Internet gives us the network to share our books and music andimages with the world, but cloud gives us the tools andservices that make it possible for us to create those books, songs,and images. We are not merely uploading our photos, we are editingthem, collecting them into albums, turning them into videos withsound, and so on.
We will soon rely on cloud for allkinds of services. When we go shopping, the cloud will send couponsfor the products we want to buy directly to our smart phone or mobiledevice. When we seek medical care, our diagnosis will come from thecloud. When we are traveling in a foreign country, cloud willtranslate for us.
How has cloud changed your world?

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