Changing node names and host names

Attn: WebSphere users – this is good to know.

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Dustin’s note: Seeing as the wsadmin command to rename a cell is not officially documented or supported, I have removed it from this post. I’m sorry, but it is for your own good!!
It seems like I get asked quite a bit about how to change node names and host names for a given WebSphere Application Server environment. It usually starts by someone asking me what configuration files they need to change when they want to update this information, and is followed by their surprise when I tell them none. The reason I say that is because it’s time consuming, hard, and unnecessary for you to figure this out. Instead, you can use two simple wsadmin commands. I’ll give you an example of those here (all written in Jython).
To change the name of a given node, use the following wsadmin command:

AdminTask.renameNode(‘[-nodeName <existing_node_name> -newNodeName <new_node_name>]’)

This updates the name…

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