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The Security experts I follow on Twitter

This is a great list of experts to follow!

Fang's Voice

My primary interests are cloud, social media, and security. Anything related to information, web, data, and computer security would attract my attentions. So I spent a lot of time to try to find what security experts research on and are interested in. So I compiled my own list of security experts. I watch their tweets daily and learn what they blog and talk about. It is a public list and you are free to follow (@fangfeng88/security). Here is the top 30 in the list (format is “name | @handle: blog site | job”):

Bruce Schneier | @schneierblog: | the Chief Security Technology Officer of BT.

Graham Cluley | @gcluley: | Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos

Mikko Hypponen | @mikko: | F-Secure Chief Research Officer

Eugene Kaspersky | @e_kaspersky: | Chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab;

Luis Corrons | @Luis_Corrons: PandaLabs Technical Director –  Spokesperson

Christien Rioux |…

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