How Social Business is revolutionizing the way we interact at work!

A very thorough and exhaustive list of reasons to use social media for business!

Learning Through Life

Here’s a summary table I put together to show how we can work more effectively using social tools for common work tasks.

 Thanking Colleagues

Common Approach Results
  • Send thank you e-mail
  • Copy everyone on e-mail
  • Forward to team and manager (lots of e-mails)
  • Eventually e-mail gets lost or deleted
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Write on colleagues Internal Company Profile Board
  • Micro blog about it
  • Update your Status to thank them
  • Connect with them online using social platforms
  • Their manager and network can see the thank you
  • e-mail not required
  • Highlights expertise of person
  • Builds their reputation online within the company

Creating Presentations

Common Approach Results
  • Create draft presentation and e-mail team, get feedback from team
  • e-mail as attachment
  • Spend lots of time integrating feedback
  • Stuck in mail jail from multiple attachment versions
New Social Tool Approach Results
  • Upload file to Company file sharing system (e.g. IBM Connections)
  • Share…

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