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Freddy on DevOps and Cloudy Stuff

My previous post on populating and testing a large Jazz repository could be tested with JMeter was primarily focused on the Work Item capability in RTC. I also needed to populate the repository with lots of SCM data and rather than take the “dumb” (ie. random) path as I had done with the Work Items, I wanted to use a more “realistic” set of artifacts.

I didn’t have to look very far: the Android platform which has apparently become the leading smart phone platform ( and 300+ million Android-based smartphone activations ( There are already a bunch of posts on Jim’s blog and on how to use RTC for Android app development, so I turned my attention to the Android Platform source, from the AOSP, which proves to be a different kettle of fish when it comes to SCM.

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An early detection test for pancreatic cancer: Jack Andraka at TED2013

The cure for cancer will be open-source.

TED Blog

When Jack Andraka was 15 years old, he didn’t know what a pancreas was. Now, this teenager has created a test for the early detection of pancreatic cancer that, while still in the preliminary stages, looks promising. So how did he become an health innovator?

Andraka tells the story during Session 6 of TED2013.

“Have you ever experienced a moment in your life that was so painful and confusing, you just want to learn everything you can to make sense of it all?” he asks.

For him, that moment came when a family friend, who’d been like an uncle to him, passed away from pancreatic cancer. In Andraka’s Googling, he discovered startling statistics about this kind of cancer — that in 85% of cases, pancreatic cancer is diagnosed late when a person only has a 2% chance of survival. As Andraka explains on the stage, this is because the same…

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Fresh post: talking about local storage with mobile applications

Please find here for your reading pleasure –

The question of local storage

Another blog about mobile app-devvie stuff. In this case, I describe some of the options for local storage in mobile applications and highlight IBM Worklight JSONStore support.