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Social signals for the enterprise mobile app developer

IBM Center for Applied Insights

Did you know that smoke signals are one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication?  What’s interesting about them is that their meaning was not universally known or understood.  If a threat was nearby, the sender didn’t want the message overheard by anyone other than the intended receiver, so Native Americans and the early Chinese predetermined what the puffs meant, and this was understood only by their group.

Interpreting what’s being said across social networks can be just as mysterious, since people communicate in so many ways and enterprises may have their own interpretations of the chatter.

Beginning this week, the IBM Center for Applied Insights will be publishing an ongoing series of posts, called Social Signals, sharing social conversation patterns we’re seeing on various topics. As we deliver these signals, the “puffs of smoke” and what they could mean to your business, we encourage you to participate by sending…

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