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Brace yourselves, IBM Impact 2014 is coming

While I’m not able to attend IBM Impact this year, I am working on a lot of things to make it an awesome experience for you (if you attend Impact). My colleagues and I in WebSphere Education contributed dozens of lab exercises to the curriculum that will be available in the Open Lab center at Impact. I wrote an article about that here.

We also tested the lab exercises that are offered as scheduled lab sessions. I tested some of the labs on mobile technologies myself, and wrote an article about that here
Another cool thing that you can do at Impact is get certified on any one of hundreds of IBM products and technologies. Being certified in some of these technologies ourselves, my colleagues and I can tell you what you need to do to get certified at Impact:

Theme week: Optimizing your infrastructure

The IBM Mobile blog has been running “theme weeks,” so I chose to write an article for last week’s theme, which was “Optimizing your infrastructure.” When I think of optimizing your infrastructure, I think of performance tuning, in particular, tuning the middleware layer, so I give my tips on tuning the IBM Worklight Server.

It is published here – Changing your tune from desktop to mobile.

You can check out the other articles published from that week on The Mobile Frontier blog.

Getting ready for IBM IMPACT 2013, April 28-May 2 in Las Vegas

Yes! I am going to IMPACT this year. Very excited about that, and I am delivering the following lab session there:

TMD-1361: Hands-On Lab: Exploring the IBM Worklight Application CenterSession Type:  Hands-on Lab
Date/Time:  Wed, 1/May, 03:45 PM – 04:45 PM
Room:  Venetian – Murano 3205
It is among the many hands-on lab sessions being offered in the Mobile track, and you should definitely check that out. 
You might also find me at the WebSphere Education pedestal in the Solution Center,  where I can demo the Worklight Application Center mobile client for you on my iPad or my Android phone. 
There’s still time to register, but it’s coming up fast. Online registration ends April 26, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Fresh post: talking about local storage with mobile applications

Please find here for your reading pleasure –

The question of local storage

Another blog about mobile app-devvie stuff. In this case, I describe some of the options for local storage in mobile applications and highlight IBM Worklight JSONStore support.

Mobile Apps – Hybrid Cloud

Me again, spanning the MoClo (mobile and cloud) in #SoMoClo. Got another article published:

Connecting mobile apps to the hybrid cloud – about using IBM Worklight with Cast Iron.

In case you missed it: my debut on The Mobile Frontier blog

In case you missed it, my first article for the IBM Redbooks Mobile Enterprise residency was published:
Teach Yourself Worklight

Please feel free to comment! I would like to hear your suggestions on good resources for learning hybrid mobile application development and IBM Worklight.

Worklight SQL Adapter is now Connected and Working… How do I use it?

Good to know…