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Infographic: WAS on Cloud


Brace yourselves, IBM Impact 2014 is coming

While I’m not able to attend IBM Impact this year, I am working on a lot of things to make it an awesome experience for you (if you attend Impact). My colleagues and I in WebSphere Education contributed dozens of lab exercises to the curriculum that will be available in the Open Lab center at Impact. I wrote an article about that here.

We also tested the lab exercises that are offered as scheduled lab sessions. I tested some of the labs on mobile technologies myself, and wrote an article about that here
Another cool thing that you can do at Impact is get certified on any one of hundreds of IBM products and technologies. Being certified in some of these technologies ourselves, my colleagues and I can tell you what you need to do to get certified at Impact:

Changing node names and host names

Attn: WebSphere users – this is good to know.

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Dustin’s note: Seeing as the wsadmin command to rename a cell is not officially documented or supported, I have removed it from this post. I’m sorry, but it is for your own good!!
It seems like I get asked quite a bit about how to change node names and host names for a given WebSphere Application Server environment. It usually starts by someone asking me what configuration files they need to change when they want to update this information, and is followed by their surprise when I tell them none. The reason I say that is because it’s time consuming, hard, and unnecessary for you to figure this out. Instead, you can use two simple wsadmin commands. I’ll give you an example of those here (all written in Jython).
To change the name of a given node, use the following wsadmin command:

AdminTask.renameNode(‘[-nodeName <existing_node_name> -newNodeName <new_node_name>]’)

This updates the name…

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IBM leading in application infrastructure and middleware space

I’ll say again that 2011 was a good year for IBM, and especially for WebSphere.

I’m hoping that I can make it to Impact 2012!